Our Story


We’ve spent our careers studying innovative ways to tell stories that make people care.

Award-winning journalist and Pulitzer nominee Shane Snow covered business and innovation in magazines like Wired and Fast Company for over a decade. As founder of the media-tech company Contently, he helped Fortune 500 businesses tell great stories—and pioneered the online content marketing industry. His bestselling books Smartcuts and Dream Teams won national awards for their approach to applying psychology and human behavior to business and innovation.

Snow Media co-founder Sylvia Brindis spent a decade behind and in front of the camera in Hollywood and New York City as an actress and writer, and pushed the boundaries of video storytelling on emerging platforms as a producer. Meanwhile, their creative partner Joe Lazauskas became one of the top researchers covering the growth of the brand publishing industry, and co-authored the book The Storytelling Edge with Shane, which has become a de-facto manual on the science of building relationships through stories in business and life.

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The point is—we know storytelling, and we love stories!

We believe in the power of great stories to make people care.

We know how to help smart businesses make and support great stories.

So that’s what Snow Media does.

We make connections and we tell stories—in order to help humans connect to one another, and in the process make businesses a little better.